47 Reasons to try Acupuncture

There are as many reasons to try acupuncture as there are acupuncture patients. These are 47 that light me up!

If you have some of yours to add to the list, write them in the comments below. :)

  1. It doesn’t hurt, but you won’t know until you try it
  2. Acupuncture bliss = the post acupuncture state of relaxation
  3. Helps reduce inflammation & pain
  4. Acute injuries from that marathon you just ran
  5. Clear thinking  - you might just go home and organize all your closets or start writing again
  6. Reduce dosage or discontinue medications altogether - for ADD, depression. anxiety
  7. Boost your mojo
  8. Relax
  9. Open your mind
  10. Experience the Spirit points such as Heart Path
  11. Enhance Body awareness
  12. More regular pooping
  13. Reduce headaches
  14. No more PMS, easier cycle
  15. Get pregnant
  16. To reduce morning sickness, or anytime sickness
  17. Make a life change - ie. end a relationship, start a relationship, quit your job, move across the country
  18. Fall in love
  19. Be kind to yourself
  20. Quit smoking
  21. Sleep deeper, longer, better
  22. Or if you sleep too much!
  23. Uncover Spiritual insights
  24. Let go...
  25. Go Deeper
  26. Relax your jaw
  27. Detox from sugar, alcohol, or gluten
  28. Stop night sweats
  29. Feel happier, lighter, more inspired
  30. Reduce heartburn
  31. Less laundry from a leaky bladder
  32. Stop freaking out
  33. Back pain? What back pain?
  34. Feel more energized
  35. To focus your mind, helps with ADD
  36. Frees up your frozen shoulder
  37. Help your knee forget about that old injury
  38. To lose weight - less sugar cravings
  39. An addition to your cleanse to support your Liver
  40. Calms post-surgical nerve damage
  41. Road rage...say goodbye to the "GRRRRRR!"
  42. Loosen up those Tight hips
  43. Welcome your Thyroid back to balance
  44. Finally relax from PTSD symptoms of hypervigilance, insomnia, pain
  45. After a car accident - to release the trauma response
  46. Goodbye Sciatic Pain, hello salsa dancing!