Ask the Acu about Acupuncture Points

New patient asks, "Where are the acupuncture points located?"

There are over 2000 points all over the body - on the scalp, ears, belly, back, arms, and legs.

The acupuncture points run up and down the body in lines, called meridians, which are like rivers in terms of its flow. The points for each treatment are chosen by your practitioner using your Chinese Medicine diagnosis and your main complaint (symptom). Typical treatments are made up of an average of 7-12 points at a time.

For example, if your main issue is sinus congestion and allergies, I would likely use some points on your face and head to improve local circulation and provide drainage, as well as points on your leg to strengthen the immune system and points on your arm that connect to the lungs.         If your main complaint is related to fertility, the treatment strategy would change depending on where you are in your cycle. At certain times, I would use points on the belly to increase circulation to the uterus combined with points on the legs to move the energy in the body and then at other times in your cycle, I would use points that calm the spirit and have an upward/ holding function to support pregnancy.

Most people find acupuncture treatments to be extremely relaxing and often fall asleep during a treatment and wake up feeling refreshed!