Ask the Acu about How Everybody Poops

Patient asks, Can acupuncture help my digestion?

Bloating? Yes. Acupuncture treatments work to move the qi, which increases the circulation in your belly of blood, oxygen, and the food you just ate. 

Constipation? Yes. Acupuncturists expect a healthy body to move their bowels 1-3 times per day.  If you go much less than that, we consider you to have some constipation. There are many acupuncture points we use to support more movement in the digestive system and they aren't all located on your abdomen. Sometimes, we also use Cupping (an adjunct method to acupuncture) on the belly which feels awesome and helps to increase local circulation to the intestines. 

Loose stool or Diarrhea? Yes.  A 2002 review article in Gut Magazine summarizes some of the current data with this: “Acupuncture promotes gastric peristalsis in subjects with low initial gastric motility and suppresses peristalsis in those with active initial motility.” So if you feel like you move your bowels too much or too little, acupuncture can help.  If the diarrhea is due to parasites, the acupuncture can boost your immune system and there are also some effective herbal formulas we can use to flush out your system and bring you back to a healthy digestive baseline.


Don't be shy about talking to your acupuncturist about your digestion... remember,  Everybody Poops!


Ask the Acu about Colds & Flu

Patient asks, “I’m coming down with a cold, should I still get a treatment this week?”

Absolutely yes.

There are many powerful acupuncture points we can use when someone is sick or has that feeling just before getting sick. There are points to expel wind (reduces chills and fever), points to drain phlegm (opens your sinuses), and points that reduce pain of a sore throat, headache, and achey muscles. There are also specific points we use that have been shown to boost the immune system. You can feel better faster with acupuncture.

Also, if you feel like you are coming down with something, simmer up 5-6 slices of fresh ginger in some water for about 30 minutes. Sip the ginger tea intermittently throughout the day to push those nasty cold symptoms out!