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Call me at (857) 342-3936 or email to schedule your appointment

Rates are $140 for Initial Visit and $95 for Follow-Up Visits.

What can you expect during a visit?

The initial visit will last about 75 minutes. This will involve a complete health history and discussions of your symptoms, health and lifestyle. I'll then take your pulse, look at your tongue, and palpate your abdomen. All of these components will help me to understand a complete picture of your health and to diagnose your pattern. You will then receive a complete acupuncture treatment.

Follow up visits will last about approximately 1 hour. The questioning period will be much quicker just to assess your progress and current condition. As you rest comfortably on a treatment table, needles will be inserted and left in for up to 40 minutes. Other treatment modalities may be used - they are described below.

How can you prepare for your visit?

For your first visit, please download and complete our new patient forms at the top of this page.

Wear loose comfortable clothing. Sheets are always available if tight clothing needs to be removed.

Eat a light meal or snack a few hours before your appointment. Please do not come on an empty stomach. Please abstain from alcohol and recreational drugs before your appointment.

The tongue is an important part of Chinese medical diagnosis. Please do not brush or scrape your tongue before a visit. It is best to avoid any staining foods or beverage a few hours before your visit, such as coffee, tea, or hard candies.

Be prepared to relax during your treatment. Cell phones should remain turned off during your treatment.