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I’ve seen Marisa for a number of years for systemic support (stress, allergies, bolstering general vitality), as well as for specific musculoskeletal issues. Her knowledge and experience speaks through how skillfully she works and the results we are able to achieve together. This, coupled with Marisa’s easy going, lighthearted and focused nature make for an overall positive experience. Highly recommend.
— Andrew M., massage therapist
Acupuncture got me through menopause with minimal physical and emotional symptoms. Not only that, I changed my life: left an unhappy marriage, started exercising regularly and eating better. Thank you Marisa.
— Sarah
I can not recommend Marisa highly enough. I had excruciating headaches when I was pregnant and her acupuncture treatments were the only thing that gave me relief. She is highly skilled as an acupuncturist but what I equally appreciated was her calming manner, warmth and gentle touch. Marissa is professional and empathic - she even did a home visit because I didn’t have child care for my toddler. I can’t say enough good things about her!
— Sarah D.
I started seeing Marisa after I started chemotherapy. Her treatments not only helped to manage the nausea but I found that I had more energy, and calmer energy, than I did without her treatments. I’ve seen a few different acupuncturists and she is among the best!
— Marie